Couture design, premium quality at affordable prices.

Zach & Chloe brand represents essential and affordable luxuries for children.
Their products are known for their innovation, distinctively modern style and premium quality. 

Did you know that for every pound of cotton harvested, more than 1/3 pound of chemicals go into the cultivation of that cotton. A lot of the chemicals are not washed out when the cotton is turned into fabric and into clothing. By using certified organic cotton, Zach & Chloe ensures that their products are free of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers and are the softest and cleanest socks your baby will wear.

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Fashion with attitude. Zach & Chloe designer booties are created for the modern child, the child who is self-assured, trend-setting, and fun-loving.

Zach & Chloe fashion is made for the child who plays hard and naps hard. It is made with certified organic cotton for the sensitive side of the child.
Power Panel Dimensions:
Width = 15.75 in x Height = 24 in Depth = 5 in

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